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   The complete signing of the 2020 French Open has been released. Under this year's competition conditions, everyone has a chance to make a breakthrough. The world's second Halep brought a wave of 14 consecutive victories to his favorite event. The 2016 tournament champion Muguruza continued to create threats. Azarenka continued his rejuvenation journey. Three-time French Open winner Serena Williams longed for Add another trophy... However, what effect will the unusual game environment—cold weather, the new roof of the Philippe Chatier Stadium, the new official ball—have for the players? Come listen to WTA Insider's analysis!

2020年法国公开赛的完整签名已经发布。在今年的比赛条件下,每个人都有机会取得突破。世界第二次哈勒普(Halep)为他最喜欢的赛事带来了14次连续胜利。 2016年锦标赛冠军Muguruza继续制造威胁。阿扎伦卡继续了他的复兴之旅。三届法网公开赛冠军塞雷娜·威廉姆斯(Serena Williams)渴望再添一件奖杯……但是,不寻常的比赛环境(寒冷的天气,菲利普·查蒂尔球场的新屋顶,新的官方球)将为球员带来什么影响?快来听听WTA Insider的分析!

   Tournament overview:


The top eight seeds: [1] Halep, [2] Ka Pliskova, [3] Svitolina, [4] Kenning, [5] Botens, [6] Serena Williams Si, [7] Kvitova, [8] Sabalenka


   Upper half: Halep, Svitolina, Bottens, Serena Williams


  The lower half: Pliskova, Kenning, Kvitova, Sabalenka




   Last year's final: Batty d Wandrosova 6-1 6-3

去年的决赛:巴蒂·旺德罗索娃6-1 6-3

   TOP32 player retirement situation: No.1 Batty, No.3 Naomi Osaka, No.7 Andrescu, No.10 Bencic, No.32 Wang Qiang




   The number of clay court matches this year is limited. The official French Open has changed the ball from Baibaoli to Willson. The weather forecast shows that the weather will be cold and wet in the next two weeks... Under various unknown factors, any attempt to predict the result of the French Open is futile. Relatively speaking, who is more dominant? Is it a player who has played a clay court warm-up match? Is the player in good shape right now? Is the player with excellent performance in the French Open over the years? Or are there players who still play steadily in harsh environments?


   "The key lies in the ability to adjust," Azarenka said. "After the rain today, I trained here for the first time. It feels different from before. The ball feels very heavy."

阿扎伦卡说:“关键在于调整的能力。” “今天下雨后,我第华体会app官方下载一次在这里训练。感觉和以前有所不同。球感觉很重。”

   "This is a process of gradual adaptation. The ball will not bounce as high as before, but will become faster. I feel that this year will be different."


   Before the game, Halep, who was widely optimistic about winning the championship, also told the media that she needs a few more trainings to adapt to the conditions here. The Romanian will make his French Open debut this year on Sunday.


   "It's very different from Rome. The temperature is at least fifteen degrees lower," she said with a smile. "I think it's cold and a little difficult to adapt, but it's the same for everyone."

她笑着说:“与罗马有很大不同。温度至少要低十五度。” “我认为这很冷,很难适应,但每个人都一样。”

   There is a noteworthy statistic about the French Open championship: there have been only three non-top ten seed wins in the history of the tournament, namely Scriven in 1933, Schiavone in 2010 and Ostapenko in 2017.


Let’s take a look at the top ten seeds of this year’s French Open: [1] Halep, [2] Ka Pliskova, [3] Svitolina, [4] Kenning, [5] Botens, [6] Serena Williams, [7] Kvitova, [8] Sabalenka, [9] Konta, [10] Azarenka




   At the U.S. Open two weeks ago, it was players who had the same outstanding performance on the North American hard courts in the final fight for the championship. The final match at Cincinnati Station was moved to the Arthur Ashe Stadium intact, and Naomi Osaka defeated Azarenka to win the championship. Local player Brady scored his first Grand Slam semi-finals at the US Open after winning his first career title at Lexington.


   Of course, there is Serena Williams. She once again proved that even if she was not in good shape before, she can still reach the final stage of the Grand Slam.


   Applying the same pattern, everyone's eyes are on the world's second Halep. Although the Romanian appears on the list of favorite predictions for the French Open every year, she has never come to Paris with such a fiery performance this year.


   After the restart of the tour, Halep has won two consecutive clay court titles. She first defeated Mertens in Prague to win the championship, followed by Kemuguruza and Ka Pliskova, dominating Rome for the first time in her career. The two-time Grand Slam winner is currently in a wave of 14 consecutive victories. The last time she lost was when she lost to Muguruza in the Australian Open semi-finals this year. This fully shows that Halep has been doing well since the beginning of the season. Strong.

巡回赛重新开始后,哈勒普(Halep)连续两次获得红土场冠军。她首先在布拉格击败了梅滕斯(Mertens)以赢得冠军,其次是凯穆古鲁扎(Kemuguruza)和卡普利斯科娃(Ka Pliskova),这是她职业生涯中第一次统治罗马。这位两次获得大满贯冠军的人目前正连续14次获得胜利。她最后一次输球是在今年的澳网半决赛中输给了穆古鲁扎。这充分表明哈勒普自本赛季开始以来表现良好。强大。

"It's an honor to hear that I am a favorite to win, people think I am a favorite," Halep said. "But I don't think in this direction because I know most players are favorites because everyone is working hard. Training, everyone is ready for this game. All I can do is try to seize every opportunity and try to play every game well. We will wait and see what the result will be."

哈勒普说:“听到我是赢得比赛的最爱,我感到很荣幸,人们认为我是最喜欢的。” “但是我不朝这个方向发展,因为我知道大多数球员都是最喜欢的,因为每个人都在努力工作。训练,每个人都为这场比赛做好了准备。我所能做的就是设法抓住一切机会,尽力打好每一场比赛。我们将拭目以待,看看结果如何。”

   Halep led the first half as the top seed, and the top seed in the quarter with her was the fifth seed Botens. Halep faced Spain's Tomo in the first round, and there were many dangerous opponents lurking on the road to advancement-they had beaten the Romanians before, but they have not yet shown their best level.


   Halep may encounter No. 25 seed Anisimova in the third round, who ended her defense journey with an overwhelming advantage in the quarter-finals last year. Her fourth round matchup was last year's runner-up Vandrosova. The Czech girl has been getting better and better recently, and recently reached the semi-finals in Rome. The two have played against each other twice before, and Wanzhuosova had the last laugh. Next is Botens. Although the Dutch star has an Achilles tendon injury, she has defeated Halep in two finals, including Madrid last year. The two may face each other across the net in the quarter-finals.


   The eye-catching battle in the quarter-quarter area of ​​course included the semi-finals last year, the 9th seed Konta vs. American star Gove. As the 2018 French Open youth group champion, Goff will usher in his debut in the French Open adult group this year. This focus battle will also start on the first game day.


"I know very well that the player who is going to play against me is a professional player, one of the very top players in the world," Conta said. "It doesn't matter whether she is 14 or 40 this year. She can stand. There is a reason here. I respect every opponent."

康塔说:“我非常清楚,将要与我对抗的球员是一名职业球员,是世界上最顶尖的球员之一。” “今年她是14岁还是40岁都没关系。她可以站起来。这是有原因的。我尊重每个对手。”

   "What I have to face is her tennis, not her number of fans on social media, nor her personal image. I only see her as a player on the court, and I believe she is the same."


   Another game that needs attention is Wandrosova vs. Svartek. The 19-year-old Polish teenager also made his first Grand Slam round of 16 here last year. There was also an eye-catching Russian civil war. The 28th seed Kuznetsova and compatriot Pavlyuchenkova met in a narrow way.

另一个需要注意的游戏是Wandrosova对Svartek。这位19岁的波兰少年去年也在这里进行了他的第16轮大满贯赛。俄罗斯内战也引人注目。 28号种子库兹涅佐娃(Kuznetsova)和同胞帕夫柳琴科娃(Pavlyuchenkova)狭路相逢。



   Serena Williams? in. Azarenka? in. Pironkova? Also. With Mertens, Kontavit and Pudinseva, this area seems to be a duplicate of the second week of the US Open.


   Whether Serena Williams and Azarenka can meet is the biggest thing to watch in Zone 2/4. The two played against each other in the semifinals of the US Open not long ago. This time the French Open is expected to meet again in the fourth round. Like the U.S. Open, the American star played against Christian Ann in the first round, and the opponent in the second round will be between Petkovic and Pironkova, who she defeated in the quarter-finals of the U.S. Open.

Serena Williams和Azarenka是否可以见面是2/4区最大的关注点。不久前,两人在美国公开赛半决赛中交锋。这次法国公开赛有望在第四轮再次相遇。与美国公开赛一样,美国巨星在第一轮对阵克里斯蒂安,而第二轮的对手将在佩特科维奇和皮龙科娃之间,后者在美网的四分之一决赛中被击败。

"I like it here," Serena Williams said. "Obviously, I'm closer to my goal, and that is to do better, simply to play better. To be honest, I just need to keep playing and keep playing. Fight against other players."

“我在这里喜欢它,”塞雷娜·威廉姆斯说。 “显然,我离我的目标更近了,那就是做得更好,只是为了更好地发挥。老实说,我只需要继续比赛并继续比赛。与其他球员作战。”

   At the end of the semifinal against Azarenka at the US Open, Serena Williams applied for a medical timeout because of an Achilles tendon injury. The 23rd Grand Slam winner said that she has not fully recovered, but if she is really worried, she will not participate in the competition.


"If I feel I can't play, I won't come here to compete," Serena Williams said. "Although my body is not 100%, I don't know any athlete who is playing in perfect condition. I think this is a problem we as athletes must face."

塞雷娜·威廉姆斯(Serena Williams)说:“如果我觉得自己不能参加比赛,我就不会来这里比赛。” “尽管我的身体不是100%,但我不知道有什么运动员在完美状态下比赛。我认为这是我们运动员必须面对的问题。”

The three-time French Open champion trained on clay courts at the Moratoglu Net School in Nice last week. At the same time, Azarenka flew directly to Rome after playing the Perfect Net final, and played against Venus Williams in the first round. Fierce fighting, and the two are likely to meet again in the second round of the French Open. Although the clay court performance of the Belarusian star is not as stable as the hard court, she has also reached the French Open semi-finals in 2013 and also reached the eight-finals twice.

上周三届法国公开赛冠军在尼斯的莫拉托格卢网络学校的红土球场上接受了训练。同时,阿扎伦卡(Azarenka)在参加Perfect Net决赛后直接飞往罗马,并在第一轮对阵维纳斯·威廉姆斯(Venus Williams)。激战,两人很可能在法网第二轮比赛中再次相遇。尽管白俄罗斯球星在红土场上的表现不如硬地赛稳定,但她还在2013年打入了法网半决赛,并且两次进入八强。

   Azarenka will face Kovinic in the first round, who also had a wonderful performance in Rome-she broke through the qualifying round, defeated Gerges and Bencic in a row, and ultimately lost to Mertens. Venus Williams met a familiar opponent in the first round, Schmidlova. The Slovakian leads by 2 wins and 1 loss on the match record, and has won the two most recent dialogues between the two sides, including the three-set battle at the French Open in 2014.


   No. 3 seed Svitolina and No. 16 seed Mertens were divided into the other half of the 2/4 zone, with No. 17 seed Kontavit and No. 27 seed Alexandrova among them. Mertens and Kontavit are the two major "model workers" players after the restart of tennis. If the two successfully meet, from the perspective of ranking, it will be the closest matchup in the third round. In terms of their recent status It will also be a fierce battle. Every seed player in this community has a chance to break through.




   No. 4 seed Kenning and No. 8 seed Sabalenka led, and the 2016 tournament champion Muguruza was also divided into this area. The Spanish star made a stunning performance in Rome, winning streaks of Stevens, Gove, Conta and Azarenka, and ultimately lost to Halep in three sets.


   Although Muguruza had a slight strain on her left thigh, her skills were as good as her desire for victory. In bad weather conditions, the former world number one can still play tenacious and flexible tennis, which may become the key to the next two weeks.


   "I used to play games under these conditions for several years, cloudy or rainy," Muguruza said. "I have adapted well and I don't care about the weather."

穆古鲁萨说:华体会app官方下载“我曾经在这样的条件下玩了几年游戏,无论阴天还是雨天。” “我适应得很好,我不在乎天气。”

"I know the situation will be a bit tricky, but I am very happy to be here for the competition. I will look at the positive side and another Grand Slam can be held. I don't care about the weather or the current month, but I am just happy Can play again."


   There is also the new top four Brady at the US Open in this area, who will make his debut after the US Open. Brady plays as the No. 21 seed. Her power play may be a big success in Roland Garros, but it remains to be seen whether she is fully prepared. Brady and Muguruza may meet in the third round.

在这一地区的美国公开赛上还有新的前四名布雷迪,他们将在美国公开赛之后首次亮相。布雷迪扮演21号种子。她的实力发挥可能在罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)取得了巨大成功,但她是否准备充分尚有待观察。布雷迪和穆古鲁扎可能在第三轮见面。

   Lebakina has just reached the fifth final of this year at Strasbourg. The Kazakh girl is one of the hottest players before the suspension of the tour. Her potential opponent in the third round was Mchhova, and in the fourth round she faced No. 4 seed Kenning.




   No. 2 seed Ka Pliskova and No. 7 seed Kvitova guard the 3/4 district. Pliskova finally regained her form at Rome last week, but had to retire midway due to a thigh injury in the final. The injury may affect her French Open journey. Since reaching the semi-finals in 2017, Pliskova has not been able to enter the second week in the next two years. This time her third-round opponent is Stevens.

2号种子Ka Pliskova和7号种子Kvitova守卫着3/4区。普利斯科娃(Pliskova)上周终于在罗马恢复了状态,但由于决赛中的大腿受伤而不得不中途退赛。受伤可能会影响她的法国公开赛之旅。自2017年进入半决赛以来,普利斯科娃(Pliskova)在接下来的两年中一直无法进入第二周。这次她的第三轮对手是史蒂文斯。

   "I'm very lucky, I will play on Tuesday, so there is still time to rest," Pliskova said. The Czech revealed that her leg injury has improved and she is preparing for the French Open. "I hope I can recover to nearly 100%. I haven't arrived yet, but I am working hard in that direction."

普华体会app官方下载利斯科娃说:“我很幸运,我将在星期二比赛,所以还有时间休息。”捷克人透露她的腿部受伤情况有所改善,她正在为法国公开赛做准备。 “我希望我能恢复到近100%。我还没有到达,但我正在朝这个方向努力。”

   Kvitova will make her debut after the US Open, when she wasted match points in the fourth round and lost to Rogers. The Czech left-hander will have a wonderful performance in New York, and her full hitting power has also created many opportunities for her on clay.


   Also falling into the 4/4 zone is No. 12 seed Keith. Like Pliskova and Kvitova, the American star has also reached the semifinals at the French Open. Case faced Zhang Shuai in the first round, and Kone, a potential opponent in the second round, may face the 18th seed Korbel in the third round.


Noteworthy first-round matchups: Svatek VS Vandrosova, Konta VS Gove, Tomjanovich VS Sakari, Kuznetsova VS Pavlyuchenkova, Kontavit VS Garcia , Buzkova VS Kanepi, Pironkova VS Petkovic, Sabalenka VS Pecula, Case VS Zhang Shuai, Sigmund VS Muradnovich, Gergs VS Risk, Ostapenko VS Brengel

值得注意的首轮比赛:Svatek VS Vandrosova,Konta VS Gove,Tomjanovich VS Sakari,Kuznetsova VS Pavlyuchenkova,Kontavit VS Garcia,Buzkova VS Kanepi,Pironkova VS Petkovic,Sabalenka VS Pecula,Case VS Zhang Shuad,Suggedg, ,奥斯塔彭科VS布伦格尔



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